Roof and Exterior Cleaning

What are the black streaks on my roof?

The black streaks on your roof actually aren’t dirt at all! The black stains are actually a type of algae (Gleocapsa Magma). Gleocapsa Magma is an airborne algae that lands on select roofs where it will start growing. The algae is feeding off the organic matter in your shingles which is diminishing the life of your roof. The algae has to be killed down to the roots to prevent it from spreading. It will not die or go away on its own. The black streaks are formed as the algae spreads from rain washing it down the roof.

Besides looking unsightly and diminishing the value and aesthetics of your home the algae is also eating away at your shingles. The algae will break down the organic matter (limestone aggregate) in the shingles to the point where the shingles need replaced. The algae also created a black film over the roof which eliminates the shingles to reflect UV rays from the sun. This inability of UV transfer raises the heating and cooling cost of your house.

Here at Koppenhaver builders we use a low pressure cleaning technique known as Soft-washing to remove dirt and harmful bacteria from the roof and exterior of your home or business. We mix our cleaning solution specific to the type and infestation of each individual job. Combining the low pressure application and chemicals we can treat your home without creating damages often caused by pressure washing. In the event high pressure is needed for special project we are fully equipped to get the job done.

If treated your roof can be cleaned for a fraction of the price it will cost to replace it.

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